Highview The Chosen One

DOB: 2/26/2016
Color: Black

OFA Records


"Tori" is our stylish girl out of "Tyra", and a Half-Sister to "Abbie" 

Highview The Chosen One

CH Aris Targa Devil Made Me Do It

CH Targa Speak of the Devil

CH Kaylen's Talk of the Town

AM GCH. DE.SE.FIN.DK CH Dacun Kaylens He's A Heartbreaker TP

CH Kaylen's Rosa Negra at Seraphim TP

CH Targa Devil In Disguise

Targa King Creole

CH Targa Full Of Grace

CH Aris Always Making Memories

CH Grandeur Boogie Back To Targa

CH Escorts Yannick Le Noir

CH Grandeur's Boogie Woogie

CH Aris Blue Skies Promises Kept

AM.CAN. CH Litilann's Breakout

CH Blue Skies Deryabar Delightful

Graphic Essential Centerfold

CH Graphic Cadbury Template

CH Graphic Copperplate Gothic

CH Graphic Good Fortune

Graphic Daydream

CH Cadbury's Evening Star

CH Gloria's Logan At Autumn Hill TP

Cadbury Kiss 'N' Tell

CH Dimarko Fascination

CH Graphic Manifesto

CH Graphic Contraband

CH Gibson I Love Lucy

CH Donnchada Sea Breeze

CH Pinetrees' Trail Blazer

Walwood Onthewingsofanangel